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eBay math [Oct. 13th, 2010|09:41 am]

Taken from the actual eBay page:

The positive Feedback percentage is calculated based on the total number of positive and negative Feedback ratings for transactions that ended in the last 12 months, excluding repeat Feedback from the same member for purchases done within the same calendar week (eBay time).

Note: This could mean that the number of ratings used for this calculation is different from the same number shown in the Recent Ratings table on the left.

Positives + Negatives

This member's 12 Month Feedback ratings
Positives: 0Negatives: 0

This member's Positive Feedback percentage

0 + 0
= 0.0%

[User Picture]From: sicktant
2010-10-13 02:23 pm (UTC)
Ну да, пример неудачный. :)))

Кушать совсем перестал, бедненький. :)))
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