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Из прессы

Читая журнал Bicycling, на секунду показалось, что наконец они решили обернуться лицом к обычным велосипедистам:

"Sometime in the fall of 2013, I had an epiph-
any: I am not a millionaire or a profes-
sional bike racer. But I have always been
drawn to cycling equipment as though I
were one or the other.
I love
the feel of a finely honed, high-performance race
bike, and I love the ethereal lightness of carbon.
They're both deliriously fun to ride, and they're
right for many riders.

But I realized that they might not always be
right for me. So I began a journey to find the
bike that is right. That bike would be useful and
practical for the kind of riding I actually do in
those instances when I'm riding solely for plea-
sure rather than evaluating something; it would
be as desirable to me as those sexy race bikes;
and it would be affordable on my middle-class salary.

It would be a bike that served the needs of the
real me rather than the aspirational version of me
I enjoy inhabiting when I'm on those superbikes
I sat down and made a list of who I am, how I
ride, what I need, and what I could afford.
I'm 5-foot-8, 157(ish) pounds, and not an amaz-
ing climber or a quick sprinter
. I don't need a
superstiff bike because of my size or abilities.

I don't race or do fast, competitive group
rides often. Most of my rides are solo, or
small group rides
that usually start with,
"Where should we go today?" And no matter
the answer to that question, I want to be on
a bike that is comfortable, capable, and fun.
Something light, lively, smooth, versatile,
and thap can tackle long, steep pavement
climbs or explore dirt roads for hours. Wide-
range gearing is a must, as is handling that
is more reactive than most endurance bikes."

Ну прямо описание меня и моих целей (кроме роста, что-то он потолще меня будет). Думаю, здравый смысл победил, сейчас чувак назовёт какой-нибудь байк типа моего. Перелистываю страницу, цена: [????]3995. "middle-class salary", my ass...


К статье о новых вагонах метро с более мягкими в закрытии дверьми, великолепный комментарий:
"The doors shouldn't be gentler. They should have blades in them so the doors will shut and the train can go without the operator having to open doors, localized or not. If you can't get in the car before the doors shut, wait for the next train."



На работе в контексте астрономии разослали великолепную ссылку на тему "Сколько экранов заняла бы Солнечная система, если бы Луна была размером в один пиксел". Очень наглядно показывает, насколько наш мозг неспособен воспринимать большие числа и почему мы до сих пор не очень-то летаем на Марс. Очень советую сходить, не надо ехать на Baltimore and Annapolis Trail, где тоже самое представлено в натурном виде:
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