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На работе тут воспу обнаружили. Кто не привит, тому ваще капец, унаследуем у них Землю. В каментах ещё несколько нажористых примеров с пропавшими мышами с чумой в Бостоне.

Originally posted by alleukemist at Smallpox
Фигасе! Ампулы с оспой нашлись валяющимися в каких-то закромах FDA у нас на кампусе, когда FDA стало готовиться к переезду в новый кампус. Звучит как начало какого-нибудь апокалиптического сценария для фильма.

Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware, on July 1 vials of a regulated biological material, Variola (smallpox) virus, that were stored in a cold room in an FDA laboratory building on the NIH campus were discovered as employees were preparing for a move. Upon the discovery, the proper notifications and security steps were taken according to our safety protocols and the material (six safely sealed heavy glass ampoules) was transferred to the CDC, where despite the considerable age of the samples (dating from the 1950s), molecular analysis has confirmed the presence of smallpox DNA and at least two ampoules have been found to contain viable virus.  This incident underscores the need to keep close track of all potentially pathogenic materials and conduct our research with the utmost care and attention to proper protocols for the handling of hazardous materials of all kinds.

The regulation of vaccines, including smallpox vaccine, and other biologics was under NIH’s authority until July 1972, when it was transferred to the FDA. At that time the laboratories on the NIH campus were transferred to FDA as well.  Today, NIH is the premier biomedical research facility in the world where discovery and study of pathogenic agents have led to new vaccines and treatments resulting in saving millions of lives. I take seriously this recent incident and our need to assure that it will not happen again. It is imperative that we conduct a comprehensive search of our facilities to be certain that no other select agents, toxins, or hazardous biological materials are improperly stored in any of our facilities, owned, leased, or through contract arrangements.

We have developed a plan of action for the conduct of this search. It requires investigators to examine all freezers, refrigerators, cold rooms, storage shelves, and cabinets, as well as all other areas of storage such as offices associated with laboratories. Many of you will be involved in helping to do a "clean sweep" of NIH intramural labs as outlined in a plan presented today to the Institute and Center Directors and Scientific Directors, and I am sure you will cooperate fully with this important activity.
Many thanks for your continuing dedication to our noble mission.

Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D.
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