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Package scare

Кто-то из детей выронил ланчбокс?

Alert Gaithersburg
10:46 AM (0 minutes ago)
A small suspicious package has been delivered to Diamond Elem School. The package is in the parking lot, there is NO risk to students or staff & NO evacuation. Police & Fire Recue on scene. Marquis Dr. in front of the school is currently closed to traffic.
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Dear parents. This is  principal of Diamond Elementary School with an important message about an incident that has occurred in our school. This morning, a member of our staff received an item in the mail that the staff member felt was suspicious. We contacted the police and they have responded, along with other emergency personnel. The package has been taken outside of the school and, as a precaution, the police have closed Marquis Drive. We do not believe there is any danger to our students or staff but, as a precaution, we have instituted a Shelter in Place while the police and fire personnel conduct their investigation. I will keep you updated as more information becomes available. Thank you.

Update 2:

...the item sent to a staff member at our school contained nothing harmful and there was no danger to our students and staff...

Что именно их напугало, естественно не сказано.
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