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March 6th, 2017

Traffic engineering bureau [Mar. 6th, 2017|12:45 pm]
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- OK guys, we have this nice intersection (Cedar Ln and Old Georgetown Rd) with a wide ramp for bikes and pedestrians and we need to spend a budget to screw it up improve it (https://goo.gl/maps/DK2vhYQMo9m). What can we do?

- Let's divide the ramp in two parts with a curb in between, so an inattentive biker trying to look for turning cars will fly over his handlebars.
- Nice try, but can't we fuck it up a little bit further?
- Sure, let's install poles in the middle of the ramps.
- High five!

И это уже не первый такой "улyчшенный" перекрёсток на моём пути на работу за последние годы. Уверен, что всё сделано "по уставу" AASHTO, пожаловаться не на что. Дебилы, б$%@ь!
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